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How do you Sell Mineral Rights? This is a question many people ask and we hope this guide can help you through the process of selling mineral rights from start to finish. Clear Fork Royalty is a leading mineral rights buyer across the United States. We work with individuals to sell oil royalties and sell mineral rights. If you’ve been looking for more information to help you sell mineral rights, we hope this helps. Please contact us if you have additional questions about selling mineral rights or how much mineral rights sell for.

Finding a Trusted Partner to Sell Mineral Rights

Most people we work with have inherited mineral rights and oil royalties from their families. Often most people don’t immediately know that they can sell net mineral acres to maximize their value and provide cash for their needs. There is a lot to think about and analyze when considering selling mineral rights. If you decide to have mineral rights for sale, then it is important to find a trusted mineral rights buyer that is honest and fair throughout the mineral rights sales process. Clear Fork Royalty is a trusted partner to discuss your mineral interest sale. We have a long history of buying mineral rights and are legitimate buyers. We are not a mineral exchange or a broker, rather we buy mineral rights and buy oil royalties for our own account. We work with thousands of royalty owners to purchase their oil royalties, gas royalties, working interest and oil and gas royalties regardless of oil and gas prices. If you are looking to sell oil and gas please contact us to discover the different in working with Clear Fork Royalty.

Clear Fork Royalty has been awarded multiple awards for ethics and transparency in our dealings with customers. We value honesty and integrity and hope you will consider reaching out to us to discuss selling royalties. Please contact us, we’d love to answer your questions.

Rules of Thumb for Avoiding Selling Mistakes

With our long time experience in buying mineral rights that are for sale, we have run across mistakes that mineral owners often make:

  • Trusting brokers and “flippers”:  It has become very common in our line of business for mineral exchanges and brokers to hold themselves out to be qualified end buyers of oil mineral rights for sale. Make sure and do your research on who you are selling too. Check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and do all the research you can on their buying history. There are a lot of groups that hold themselves out to be buyers of mineral rights that don’t actually buy and hold oil and gas mineral rights.

  • Avoid the “Bait and Switch”:  Be careful not to fall for an “offer” that is later negotiated down after you sign a mineral and royalty deed. Make sure the offer is legitimate and the buyer intends to follow through with the negotiated price. Again, do your research on who you are dealing with and make sure they have a history of trust and accountability in their actions.

  • Don’t fall for bank drafts: Part of the “Bait and Switch” is to present you with a Bank Draft with an “offer” and a deed as part of their initial unsolicited mineral offer contact with you. Buyer beware, this is often not the final price that you will receive. Be careful what you sign without first learning about who you are dealing with.

  • Documentation:  The more documentation you have regarding your mineral rights ownership, the better. Companies often ask for copies of oil royalty check stubs so that they can verify a number of factors to determine your net mineral acre ownership, these include your net revenue interest (decimal interest), confirmation on the oil and gas production as well as the oil and gas prices. The more you have of these documents, the faster that mineral rights buyers can evaluate your net mineral acres and make a offer for your oil royalties.

  • Estate transfers: One of the biggest hurdles for mineral rights buyers is incomplete estate documents. If a loved one has recently passed away and you are looking to sell their mineral rights or royalties to clean up the estate documents or to provide for monetary needs for the family, it is best for mineral rights buyers that you are able to provide an adequate chain of title so that the property may be transferred with the oil and gas operators correctly. Please make sure everything is up to date.

  • Ask Questions: Don’t worry about asking questions. If an oil and gas buyer is unwilling to answer your questions and be fully transparent, then find someone else. Doing the right thing matters, if you are uncomfortable move on.


Selling Mineral Rights and Oil Royalties to Clear Fork Royalty

For more information, please refer to our page Frequently Asked Questions. Clear Fork Royalty is a company that buys mineral rights and has a history of ethical, transparent dealing with mineral rights owners. We provide fast and fair offers for oil and natural gas royalties in the Counties across the United States. Please Contact Us to learn more, or fill out the form below to request an offer. We are here to help and will respond as quickly as possible!


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