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Frequently Asked Questions | Oil Royalty Buyers


Clear Fork Royalty is one of the leading oil royalty buyers throughout the United States. We specialize in buying oil and gas mineral rights and royalties from Texas through the Midwest and beyond.


We work with mineral owners who receive royalty payments to help them sell those royalty payments for cash. We work hard to provide people who wish to sell oil and gas mineral rights top dollars for the purchase of their mineral estate and/or oil and gas royalties.


We are not a mineral exchange or a royalties broker, instead, we are oil royalty buyers, and we work directly to buy oil and natural gas rights from oil and gas rights owners.


Questions for Oil Royalty Buyers


Below are some questions that we are frequently asked like ‘how to transfer mineral rights in Texas’ and more. Additionally, we have provided a list of oil and gas abbreviations and definitions as a resource.


If for some reason your answer is not below, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your questions with you via email, over the phone, or in person.


What types of interests does Clear Fork Royalty buy?


Clear Fork Royalty buys all kinds of interests, producing and non-producing mineral rights, oil royalties, natural gas royalties and overriding royalty interests located throughout the United States.


As your top oil royalty buyers, we buy interests of all sizes, from hundreds of dollars to thousands to millions. Your oil and gas royalties may all be located in the same county, or they may be located in different counties or even different states.


Clear Fork Royalty will also evaluate oil and gas working interests as well as both coal and wind royalties. Should you have a question regarding whether Clear Fork Royalty can evaluate your interest, feel free to contact us for a cost-free evaluation.


How do I receive an offer for my oil royalties and mineral rights?


In order to make an offer, we must determine the current value of your oil and gas mineral rights and/or royalties. To do this, we need to get some information from you, typically the last three to six months of check stubs.


You can call us toll-free at 800-806-7040, email us, or fill out the form below.


Once we've received the necessary information, we will promptly reply with an offer. We offer competitive prices and quick cash sales (as quick as 48 hours) at no cost to you.


If you receive our offer and decide to sell your oil royalties, then we will finish our due diligence and prepare the mineral deeds. Once you decide to sell, all that is required to complete the transaction is to sign the mineral and royalty deed we mail you in front of a notary public and return it to us.


As your trusted, premier oil royalty buyers, we cover all the costs associated with completing the sale, including mineral deed preparation and filing fees. Please see How to Sell Mineral Rights.


What counties and states does Clear Fork Royalty buy oil rights in?


Clear Fork Royalty buys oil rights and mineral interests all over the United States. Currently, we own oil and gas rights in 25 States.


Please see our Areas of Interest page for more information on areas where we are currently concentrating.


If your county or states isn't listed, feel free to Contact Us, as we are probably still interested in reviewing your mineral rights and oil royalties.


Please see the Counties page for a more bigger list of counties and states where we buy mineral rights.


Why do you ask for oil royalties check stubs?


By reviewing your check stubs from the oil and gas operator, we can evaluate and confirm your net revenue interest (ownership) in the oil and gas well(s). We can also see the prices that the operator is receiving for the oil and gas produced on the lease and we can confirm your payments.


These all help us to provide a quick, cost-free offer to you. In certain circumstances, we can still buy your oil and gas mineral rights and royalties without a check stub copy, you might have correspondence from oil and gas operators including your lease agreement.


If you do not have copies of your recent check stubs or are not paid monthly, please call one of our trained acquisition specialists to discuss your sale options.


If I ask to receive an offer for my oil royalties, am I obligated to sell?


Absolutely not – all of our offers come without obligation.


If you decide not to sell at the current moment, always feel free to call us anytime in the future should your circumstances change and you become ready to sell.


Do I have to sell all of my oil royalties?


No, you can sell as much or as little as you want.


As a full-service oil royalty buyer, we are able to purchase all or portions of your interests and are glad to work with you on a sales solution that best fits you.


How long is the closing process for mineral rights and oil royalty sales?


Once an agreement is reached and all necessary paperwork is signed and filed on record, payment will be sent to you upon final confirmation of the chain of title in the land records of the County and State that the oil royalties and mineral rights are located in.


What will oil and natural gas prices be in the future?


If you compare current prices with the prices that were forecasted by economists and major oil companies over the past 25 years, one thing is certain: they were always wrong!


You'll hear one expert say that oil inventories are high and that prices are going down, and then another expert will say just the opposite.


Oil and gas prices are determined by a variety of factors that are out of everyone's control and can move up and down rapidly without notice.


Selling your mineral rights today is one way to avoid the risk of fluctuating oil and natural gas prices in the future.


Why do my oil and gas royalty checks vary from month-to-month?


Oil and gas production and oil and gas prices will vary from month to month. Variations in volumes produced and prices paid will cause fluctuations in your monthly checks.


Oil and gas is a depleting resource and over time all wells will experience a decline in the amount of oil and gas produced. There is only so much oil and gas that is recoverable by a well and they do not last forever.


Every month there is less oil and gas remaining to produce, which leads to a steady reduction in production and a corresponding decrease in the amount of your monthly check.


What is the process for how to transfer mineral rights in Texas?


‘How to transfer mineral rights in Texas’ is a common question we receive, and though many states or counties have specific guidelines to follow, the process is largely the same in Texas as it is in other states.


If you are trying to learn how to transfer mineral rights in Texas, California, New Mexico or other surrounding states, call Clear Fork Royalty and speak with one of our specialists who can walk you through the entire process.


Learning how to transfer mineral rights in Texas or other states can be a confusing process, but Clear Fork Royalty is happy to explain the process, in detail, in a clear and concise way.


How much royalty should I expect from my oil and natural gas well?


It is hard to know exactly how much money you should expect to receive as it is based on a number of factors: production rate, gas and oil contracts, oil and gas price, and other various factors.


All oil and gas wells will decline as well – they will typically have their best and largest amount of production in the first couple of months.


After the first couple of months, your royalty checks will typically decline (unless the oil and gas company is drilling additional wells).


My question wasn’t answered here, so what now?


If your question was not answered here, please contact us and we will be glad to speak with you further.


Please call us toll-free at (800) 806-7040, fill out the form below, or email us with your question.


Oil and Natural Gas Abbreviations:


BOPD: Barrels of Oil Per Day

BOPM: Barrels of Oil Per Month

BWPD: Barrels of Water Per Day

DO: Division Order

DR: Delay Rental

GWI: Gross Working Interest

JOA: Joint Operating Agreement

MCFPD: Thousands of Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day

MI: Mineral Interest

NRI: Net Revenue Interest

NWI: Net Working Interest

OGL: Oil and Gas Lease

OGML: Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease

ORRI: Overriding Royalty Interest

RI: Royalty Interest

SI: Shut In

SWD: Salt Water Disposal Well

WI: Working Interest


Call us today to receive a competitive, no-obligation offer or complete the short form below and we will contact you during normal business hours.

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