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Jammer Moncrief 40 under 40

Jammer Moncrief 40 under 40

John "Jammer" Moncrief is selected for 40 under 40 by Oil and Gas Investor Magazine

Mineral Rights Companies: Good Press

Mineral Rights Companies: Good Press

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine, 2018 Who's Who in Minerals, Featuring Clear Fork Royalty

The High Road: Mineral Rights Firm

The High Road: Mineral Rights Firm

When Clear Fork Royalty Received the 2014 Greater Tarrant Business Ethics Award from the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Those Who Knew the Company – an Oil and Gas Mineral Rights and Royalty Acquisition Company – Weren’t Surprised.

Tarrant Ethics Award Winner

Tarrant Ethics Award Winner

Clear Fork Royalty Received the 2014 Greater Tarrant Business Ethics Award from the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Clear Fork Royalty is a Trusted Oil and Gas Mineral Rights and Royalty Acquisition Company.

BBB Torch Award for Ethics

BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Clear Fork Royalty Received the Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence from the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Better Business Bureau on Friday, January 15.

Good Guys Make a Difference

Good Guys Make a Difference

The TCU Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Has Created a Powerful Ministry that Touches Lives on the TCU Campus, in Summer Camps, & in Mentoring Relationships with Students at Area Elementary, Middle & High Schools.

Maverick PAC Future 40 Award

Maverick PAC Future 40 Award

Maverick PAC Announces Honorees of the 3rd Annual "Maverick PAC Future 40 Award" - The Future 40 Award Recognizes Professionals Deemed by their Peers from Across the Country as Current & Future Leaders in Business & Politics.

John Moncrief Achieves CMM

John Moncrief Achieves CMM

John Moncrief has Recently Received the Certified Mineral Manager Designation by the National Association of Royalty Owners. John Completed a Series of Tests that Measured His Proficiency in Legal Elements of Mineral Management, Financial Transactions, & Regulatory Policies & Procedures. The CMM Designation Acknowledges John’s Ability to Deal with Complex Oil and Gas Transactions & Issues.

Clear Fork Royalty

Your Trusted Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Buyers


Clear Fork Royalty Provides Positive Solutions for the Owners of Mineral Rights Royalties All Across the United States

We are your trusted oil and gas mineral rights buyers with decades of experience in the industry. We have the reviews and awards to prove our expertise and our exceptional service. We want to make your selling experience easy, understandable, and profitable.

Clear Fork Royalty isn't a mammoth company that doesn't have time for you, and we aren't a small, untested company that can't answer your questions or solve your problems. In fact, we have worked in both huge sales, and small, individual sales. So whether you are within the industry and know the ins and outs, or just need to sell your mineral rights to get out of debt or simplify your taxes, we are your trusted and experienced oil and gas mineral rights buyers.


Because we have experience in it all, we can explain our entire process and timeline in plain terms to you. We never pressure you or use sales tactics to try and get you to part with your mineral rights like some of the other guys. Instead, we allow you the time and resources needed for you to come to a decision you will be happy with for years to come.


Many of our clients prefer getting a lump sum instead of monthly payouts in order to make their taxes simpler, or because of an unexpected expense. Or maybe you just don't want to deal with the fluctuations in the oil and gas market anymore - whatever your reasons, Clear Fork Royalty is ready to help.


Want to learn more about the reasons people decide to sell their mineral rights and oil royalties? See our helpful guides on our blog or learn more on our Why Sell page.

At Clear Fork, our process is clear, easy, and catered to you: simply contact us and provide your most recent production statements, receive your free, no-obligation offer, review and sign, and get your lump sum.

Contact us to learn more about your options, or request a free, no-obligation offer to see what your mineral rights, oil royalties, and gas royalties are worth. We can help you get the most value for your mineral rights, just like we have for thousands of other happy customers over the years.

Clear Fork Royalty's Resources

Understand Your Mineral Rights Royalties Before You Sell

Surface rights are exactly what they sound like - you still own the surface of the property, but the rights of the minerals beneath the surface can belong to another party (such as someone you sell those mineral rights or mineral rights royalties to).

By law, surface rights are separate from mineral rights, meaning the actual ground can be owned by you, while the resources are owned by another. This gives the mineral rights owner ownership over the profit of the property, but those profits can greatly fluctuate, decrease, increase, or even fully deplete over time.

State laws vary, but there are required protections for the mineral rights owner and the landowner. This is why your contract in the sale of your mineral rights is so important, and why the company you choose to work with is so important. You want to make sure you keep the protections for your surface rights even after you sell your mineral rights and you want to make sure you work with a reputable oil and gas mineral rights buyer.

Clear Fork Royalty is known for our superior process, fast and simple contracts, and making the entire sale seamless and transparent. Learn more about selling your mineral rights here.

Step-By-Step Guide to Transferring Mineral Rights in Texas


Many who are considering selling or transferring their mineral rights get weighed down with too many steps, complicated paperwork, or incorrect myths, that's why Clear Fork Royalty strives to make our process simple, clear, and honest.

Step 1: Understand the Different Mineral Rights

The best place to start when deciding if you want to sell your mineral rights is by making sure you understand your situation and the value of those gas and oil royalties.


There are numerous types of oil and gas royalties and rights, which can be confusing. Some of the different mineral rights include:

  • Rights to gas and oil or mineral deposits (common)

  • Lease agreements to the minerals

  • Rights to royalties (with the third party being a miner)

  • Any combination of the above types

Clear Fork Royalty works with many clients who have different types of oil and gas royalties as well as many different reasons for wanting to sell those mineral rights. Check out some of the most common reasons clients wish to sell here.

Step 2: Confirm Your Ownership By Deed or Chain of Title

If you are currently leasing your mineral rights to a third-party miner or company and receive monthly checks, then you already have all the confirmation you need. However, if your mineral rights are not currently being leased, then you will need to make sure you are in fact the owner of the mineral rights.


This can be easily confirmed by searching the chain of title and making sure that the mineral rights have not been severed from your land by a previous agreement or contract. If the mineral rights have not been severed from the surface rights (land rights) then a simple confirmation that you own the land, by a deed or other paperwork, is all that is needed to continue in the transferring of your mineral rights.

If this step seems difficult or you don't know where to begin, Clear Fork Royalty is here to make your search simple. We have a long history and extensive experience in all kinds of mineral rights and land questions, so our expert team can make your chain of title or deed search fast and easy.

Step 3: Transfer Your Mineral Rights Through Clear Fork Royalty

After you have confirmed your ownership, all you need to do is decide which of your mineral rights you wish to sell. Deciding which mineral rights to sell is an easy choice for some and difficult for others as it depends on your needs, preferences, and the reasons you looked into selling your oil and gas rights in the first place.

Once you have chosen how much or which mineral rights you wish to sell, you can transfer them simply and quickly by deed. Texas, as well as other states, have different deed requirements for different mineral rights or locations, but Clear Fork Royalty knows all of the ins and outs of the industry and will send you the correct deed, so you don't have to ever worry about which form is correct for your location or county.

All you need to do next is sign the mineral deed form in front of a notary to confirm its authenticity, have it notarized, and have it recorded. The recorder of the deed will send a copy back to us, and you will keep a copy for your records.

And then you're done! It’s as simple as that: Know your mineral rights, confirm your mineral rights, sign the deed and you’re done!

For Thousands, Clear Fork Royalty Is Your Trusted Oil and Gas Mineral Buyers

If you own mineral rights royalties or oil and gas royalties that you would rather translate into cash, then we're sure you know that finding companies that buy mineral rights royalties is becoming more difficult. Especially since there seem to be so few oil and gas royalty buyers that you can truly trust.


It's all about the numbers to many companies, which means they aren't focused on integrity or transparency. But Clear Fork Royalty is a different kind of oil and gas royalty buyer - and we're here to make sure you have all the information, all the time you want, and a free, no-obligation offer so you know what your oil and gas rights are worth.


That’s why Clear Fork Royalty is an honest, trusted, and better oil and gas mineral rights buyer that specializes in mineral right royalty interests and overriding royalty interests all throughout the United States. And we do it all while treating our clients like family and getting them the highest profit with the easiest sale. We have been recognized and awarded for years for our great customer relations, customer service, lasting integrity, and high value. Can your oil and gas royalty buyer say that?

There Are Oil and Gas Royalty Buyers Across the United States,

What Makes Clear Fork Royalty Different?


There's a reason why Clear Fork Royalty has more awards, reviews, & positive relationships with our clients than the other guys - it's because we're transparent & honest, always.

We offer mineral owners more than just a simple transaction. Not only can you trust Clear Fork Royalty to maximize your return, but we go above and beyond to provide professional and fast customer service, making sure you understand your offer and your options. Because we want to do what's right by you, and make sure that you are happy in the end.

If you want to sell mineral rights royalties or natural gas royalties, Clear Fork Royalty offers the following:

  • Generous lump-sum payments with the freedom to use the cash toward anything from a home remodel or a new car, to a family vacation, retirement or medical bills

  • Proprietary royalty acquisition capability, which enables us to evaluate royalty holdings and close transactions at maximum market values, meaning you can get more when you work with Clear Fork Royalty

  • No-obligation, fast, and free offers, so you can consider all your options and choose whether or not you want to sell with no pressure

  • We cover all closing details at our own expense (meaning you won't have any surprise, hidden fees)

  • Faster deals than other oil and gas companies - sometimes we can close a deal within just a few days. So if you are sure you want to sell, we won't slow you down

Contact the Most Trusted Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Buyers

& Experience the Clear Fork Royalty Difference for Yourself


Clear Fork is More Than Just Another Oil and Gas Royalty Company - We Are On Your Side, Every Step of the Way


We offer you more than a simple transaction, we go above and beyond to provide professional, quality, and fast oil and gas mineral rights buys in Texas and across the United States!

The process of selling your oil and gas or mineral rights should always be handled with the same honesty, transparency, and attention to detail as the selling of any other valuable real estate. Our experienced and knowledgeable team knows the market value of oil, gas and mineral rights throughout the US and our areas of interest. We have the long history, great reviews, and expansive tools required to get you a great lump sum versus what you could find on your own or with another company that buys oil and gas mineral rights.

Contact Clear Fork Royalty today to discuss what your mineral rights royalties are worth. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out the form below to get started. We have worked with owners of mineral estates throughout the country, from large to small acquisitions. And should you decide to sell, Clear Fork Royalty can often offer top dollar, fast.

One of the very first questions our clients usually have as mineral rights owners is about the value of their mineral rights. And that makes sense -  because when you sell your oil and gas royalties, you want a pretty accurate idea of how much your assets are worth. However, due to the volatility of the oil and gas market, it's important to know that offers can change as often as every few days. Think of it like the stock market, you never know when it will go up or down, or when to buy or sell.


Luckily, Clear Fork Royalty works hard to give you the best offer for the current market - and if you want to wait and see if your offer or the market changes, you absolutely can!


It can sometimes be a difficult decision to work with oil and gas royalty buyers, yet thousands of mineral, oil and gas lease owners have trusted Clear Fork Royalty to help them sell their mineral rights royalties when they're ready. Want to learn more about your rights and our process? Read through our articles and blogs to make an informed, never-rushed or pushed decision.

Mineral rights oil rig

Clear Fork Royalty specializes in the acquisition and management of oil royalties, mineral rights and gas rights from a variety of people. We work with individuals, trusts, estates, and corporations to provide evaluation and acquisition of their mineral rights and royalty interests. Are you considering selling your mineral rights? Check out our FAQs below to have all your questions answered, or simply contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgable team members.

Frequently Asked


Every mineral and royalty owner has a different reason to consider selling all or a portion of their interests or rights. You may need money fast, or you may simply wish to simplify your taxes or the hassle that comes with owning mineral rights and getting monthly royalties. We work with all oil and gas mineral rights and royalty owners to accommodate their specific needs, no matter the reason for the sale. Aren't sure you're ready to sell? No pressure from us - ever. That's the Clear Fork difference.

Advantages of Selling

Oil and Gas Royalties

Clear Fork Royalty provides a quick, no-obligation evaluation of the value of your oil and gas mineral rights and royalties. Should you decide to sell all or a portion of your interests, we provide fast and secure closings. as well We understand the value of your time and always strive to make our acquisition process as expedited and hassle-free as possible. We would love to give you a free, no-obligation offer or evaluation - just request one below and we'll get back to you promptly!

Request an Offer


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Call us today to receive a competitive, no-obligation offer or complete the short form below and we will contact you during normal business hours.

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