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Clear Fork Royalty is a top buyer of natural gas rights and royalties throughout the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Shale, including in Washington County, Texas. We specialize in working with land and mineral owners to provide them a fast and fair offer to lease or to purchase their oil and gas interests and mineral rights.

If you own oil and gas rights in Washington County, Texas contact us before you accept another offer. We can work to beat other companies offer and provide you a lot of value.

To receive an offer, fill out the form below, call us at (817) 370-7540 or email us at

We look forward to speaking with you!


Call us today to receive a competitive, no-obligation offer or complete the short form below and we will contact you during normal business hours.

Success! A team member will be in touch with you shortly.

  • If you receive our offer and decide to sell your oil royalties,after our due diligence we will prepare the conveyance documents. Once you decide to sell, there is very little required of you to complete the transaction besides signing the conveyance documents in front of a Notary Public and returning the original to us.

  • We assume all the costs associated with completing the sale, including conveyance documents preparation and filing fees, and contacting the operator(s).

  • If you receive royalty checks from more than one purchaser (oil company), then you can either submit one form for each purchaser or you can send one form summarizing all the oil royalty checks received. For example, if you receive oil & gas royalty checks from Wildhorse Resources and Geosouthern Energy Partners, then you can fill out and submit one form for Wildhorse Resources and a second form for Geosouthern Energy Partners. Or, you can group Wildhorse Resources and Geosouthern Energy Partners and submit one form. 

Operators: We are currently buying Barnett Shale oil and gas mineral rights and royalties under lease by the following oil and gas companies: Wildhorse Resources, Geosouthern Energy Partners, Verdun Oil Exploration, Equisto Resources, Blackbrush Oil & Gas, Enervest, and others.

Quick Offer: Once you have submitted your property information to us, we will contact you within 24 hours and can buy All or a Part of your mineral interests. Please Fax any of the following to (866) 580-6364 or email to : A copy of an Oil and Gas lease on your property, any deeds or other assignments or conveyances, and/or any check stubs that you have received while owning your oil and gas mineral interests. We will evaluate your property and respond in a timely manner.


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