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Clear Fork Royalty: Your Oil and Gas Mineral Buyers

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Oil Well bought by mineral rights buyers

Clear Fork Royalty wants to be more than just your oil and gas mineral buyers, we want to help you understand the process, make the right decisions, and feel in control and informed throughout the process. Sometimes the oil and gas mineral rights you are selling could have been in your family for generations – and there might be a lot to wade through.

That’s why we’re here to help as your honest, trusted premier oil and gas mineral buyers.

Because of our experience, expertise, customer service, and values, we are one of the top oil and gas mineral buyers in the state, plus, we work with both large and small acquisitions.

Clear Fork Royalty values reliability and trustworthiness and always tries to provide a fair and timely offer to all property owners that decide to sell mineral rights or sell royalties. We are recognized by awards for our integrity, and by customer reviews and testimonials for our service, so you know you can trust us, the work we do, and the offers we give.

We understand that time can be one of the most important factors in the process of selling mineral rights so we make our process quick and hassle-free. But that doesn't mean we rush you – because we are also known for our consistency and reliability, which means we do it right, every time.

Clear Fork Royalty Goals & Services

It is always the goal of Clear Fork Royalty to maximize value on both sides of the selling process, and often we can provide the highest price for a mineral owner’s royalty check. We want to make sure that you get an amount you are happy with, and that will serve your needs.

Clear Fork Royalty handles all the paperwork and filing in order to buy royalties or buy mineral interests, that’s why individuals like you hire an oil and gas mineral buyer – right? In addition, we will work with the oil and gas operators, the county tax offices, and any and all additional parties so you don't have to worry about a thing. That’s the service we provide – along with the best priced offer, of course.

Our services mean less hassle, less wasted time, and less stress for you – and we take that very seriously.

The Clear Fork Royalty Advantage

As one of the premier oil and gas mineral buyers around, we always work hard to make your mineral rights work for you - not the other way around. That’s why we come up as one of the ‘Best Oil and Gas Mineral Buyers in Texas.’

We know the industry, we know the laws, we know the best practices.

Our proven method for evaluating and buying royalties and mineral interests ensures that you receive a fair offer, a fast closing, and have your questions and concerns addressed and answered accurately.

We are not a mineral exchange or a broker – and that means, we directly buy mineral rights and oil royalties from owners. No middlemen or confusing tactics here, just good, old-fashioned business with integrity.

We work directly with oil and gas owners to buy mineral rights and oil royalties – it’s as simple as that.

We Are Your Oil and Gas Mineral Buyers of Any Size

Whether you want to sell a very small mineral interest or liquidate an entire estate, Clear Fork Royalty can handle your needs and be the perfect oil and gas mineral buyers for the job. We buy all types of mineral, gas, and oil interests of every size, including partial interests based on our customer’s situation and desires.

We have the capital and the lengthy experience in the industry to handle the acquisition of mineral interests from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, so we can help you with your transfer.

Plus, did you know we own mineral rights and royalties in 25 states? That means we can work with you if you are in Texas, out of Texas – anywhere in the US.

We buy natural gas and oil royalties, along with producing royalties, non-producing mineral interests, and oil and gas leases.

Want to Learn More About Clear Fork Royalty? Contact Us Today!

To receive an offer from the best oil and gas mineral buyers around, fill out the form below or click here for a free, no-obligation review of your property. Contact us today to learn more.

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