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How to Transfer Mineral Rights in Texas | A Beginner’s Guide

Oil Well to Transfer Mineral Rights In Texas

If you own mineral rights, your options might sometimes seem confusing. That is why Clear Fork Royalty wants to help you understand how to transfer mineral rights in Texas with our step-by-step beginner’s guide.

You don’t need to be an oil and gas attorney to understand that you have options and rights. Clear Fork Royalty has helped many clients who wanted to sell their oil and gas royalties, and we are happy to help you too.

Of course, you can sell, keep, or lease your mineral rights, either in part or full – the choice is completely up to you.

But if you are considering transferring your mineral rights in Texas (or in other words, selling them) then read our comprehensive guide below to learn the proper steps to ensure that you have the smoothest sale and the best experience possible.

Transferring mineral rights in Texas shouldn’t be difficult or confusing – let’s take the guesswork out together!

Step-by-Step | How to Transfer Mineral Rights in Texas

Though many who are wondering how to transfer mineral rights in Texas get bogged down with too many steps, complicated instructions, or incorrect knowledge, Clear Fork Royalty wants you to fully understand your mineral rights, ownership, and transfer before you ever make a decision.

In order to keep you informed and unburdened, we have broken mineral rights transfers in Texas down into three simple steps.

Of course, if you ever have additional questions, or would like to sell some or all of your oil and gas mineral rights, do not hesitate to call Clear Fork Royalty. We would be happy to answer your questions or provide you with a quick, cost-free offer.

Step 1: Understanding the Differences in Mineral Rights in Texas

The best place to start in any endeavor is by making sure you understand your own situation and mineral rights. Because there are many different types of oil and gas royalties and rights, some clients get confused about how to transfer mineral rights in Texas.

Some of the different mineral rights include:

· Rights to gas and oil or mineral deposits (most common)

· Lease agreements to the minerals (can be transferred in most scenarios)

· Rights to royalties (if the third party is a miner)

· Combinations of the above

After you understand which mineral rights you have, and which you are considering selling – look at why you want to sell your mineral rights.

Are they a hassle? Can you get more in a lump sum? Or did you inherit them and now have more interest in the cash sum than the mineral rights themselves?

Clear Fork works with many clients who have different reasons for wanting to sell their mineral rights, but it is still important to understand the unique reason that you wish to sell.

Step 2: Confirm Ownership Before You Transfer Mineral Rights

This is sometimes not a needed step, as many of our clients are currently leasing their mineral rights to a third-party miner or company and therefore receive monthly checks. However, if your mineral rights are not currently paying out to you, then checking that the land and mineral rights have not been separated at an earlier date via an earlier agreement is important.

You can check that you own your lands mineral rights by searching the chain of title and making sure that the mineral rights were never severed from the land and that you own the deed to the land.

If you need help with this step, Clear Fork Royalty is here to make your search easier. We have experience in all kinds of mineral rights and land questions, and we can certainly make your chain of title search faster and easier.

Step 3: Choose & Transfer Your Mineral Rights in Texas by Deed

After you have confirmed your ownership, you need to decide which mineral rights you wish to sell and transfer them by deed.

Deciding which mineral rights to sell is an easy choice for some, and more difficult for others. However, there is no way we can choose this for you, as it depends on your circumstances, motivations, and desires.

If you are struggling with which mineral rights to transfer in Texas, then talk with our friendly team – and though we can’t make this decision for you, we have vast experience with oil and gas royalties and can answer any questions you have to help you make your decision.

Once you have chosen how much or which mineral rights you wish to transfer in Texas, you can transfer them by deed. Many areas have different deeds for different mineral rights or locations, luckily, Clear Fork Royalty will send you the correct deed in the mail, so you do not have to worry about which form is correct for your location or county.

You will need to sign the mineral deed form in front of a notary to confirm its authenticity, have it notarized, and have it recorded. The recorder of the deed can send a copy back to us, and you will keep a copy.

And you are done! It’s as simple as that: Know your mineral rights, confirm your mineral rights, sign the deed and you’re done!

Often, our clients can transfer their mineral rights within days, as Clear Fork Royalty specializes in hassle-free mineral rights transfers in Texas.

Are You Wondering How to Transfer Mineral Rights in Texas?

If you are pondering how to transfer mineral rights in Texas – look no further! Clear Fork Royalty is here to help clear away all the confusion and pay you a lump sum for your mineral rights.

We can provide you with a quick, cost-free offer that has absolutely no obligation! If you decide to accept and sell, then we will send you the deed and you are one signature and a notary away from the lump sum. If you decide not to sell – feel free to call us anytime if you change your mind.

If you are looking to receive an offer today, contact us or fill out our offer form here. We can’t wait to work with you.

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